Frank Marino Power Trio

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Unleash Your Sound with the Power Trio – Three Essential Pedals in One Bundle

Please note that our pedals are individually hand soldered and assembled, which may result in a build time of several weeks if we are currently low on components. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to build your new pedal.

(Frank Marino’s signature appears inside each pedal)




Juggernaut is a meticulously crafted replica of the primary super fuzz pedal originally designed and used by Frank Marino, tailored to deliver that signature sound, as heard in “Electric Reflections of War”. We know that the Juggernaut will bring you much musical exploration and inspiration.


Mode Switch

When the switch is set to the hard position the drive transitions from a moderate gain to an aggressive fuzz. In the soft position the switch offers a subtler gain accompanied by a gentler fuzz.

Level Knob

Adjust the level to correspond with your amp’s specs. The Juggernaut has a very high level output, in comparision to other pedals, which will drive amps into compression earlier than expected. Consider setting this knob at less than full, except under circumstances where maximum overdrive of the front-end of the amplifier is desired.

Tone Knob

The unit features a single tone control, which allows for fine-tuning from deep bass frequencies to mid-highs, and ultimately to pronounced high peaks.

Drive Knob

The drive knob controls the amount of gain and aggressiveness of the pedal, going from very light to maximum aggression.


Dragonfly is a meticulously crafted replica of one of the pedals originally designed and used by Frank Marino during guitar solos as heard on most albums and live performances. This is an excellent pedal for those wishing to do everything from hard blues and all the way through to harder rock.


Level Knob

Adjust the level to correspond with your amp’s specs. Consider setting this knob at less than full for rhythm conditions, except under circumstances where maximum overdrive of the front-end of the amplifier is desired.

Treble and Bass Knob

Each EQ section gives you plus and minus 14db of the treble and bass range in a shelving manner.

Drive Knob

The drive knob goes from variations of light to aggressive overdrive.


Maxoom is a clean boost featuring a simple one-knob interface, and is designed to be used in conjunction with the front-end of an amplifier.


Level Knob

This can increase your guitar’s level by up to 20dB when the knob is in the full position. This added boost can help drive an amplifier’s front-end into its own distortion, resulting in a more natural form of overdrive and tonal quality, making it particularly suitable for playing blues and overdriven rock. When the knob is set to lower positions, the pedal is well-suited for clean blues and jazz.

Maxoom Pedal Controls

Power / Battery

This unit does not include a 9-Volt Battery.

To ensure proper and safe usage of this pedal, it is essential to power it with a 2.1mm 9-Volt DC regulated external power supply (wallwart) with a negative center.

Use of an incorrect power supply will lead to damage of your pedal, which can be both costly and time-consuming to repair.


This product comes with a one (1) year limited warranty from the date of original purchase, protecting against any defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty is exclusively applicable to the original owner of the product. During the warranty period, we will perform repairs on the product free of charge. However, we reserve the right to revoke the warranty if the product has been tampered with, modified, damaged due to misuse, or damaged as a result of not adhering to the provided operating instructions. Our liability is solely restricted to the repair or replacement of a defective part or product, as determined at our sole discretion. The cost of shipping or transportation fees from the customer to our facility, or any international shipping expenses will not be covered by us. If this product necessitates service (or replacement, as determined by us) while under warranty, please contact at